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With state of the art leading technology, manufacturing facility, world class testing and technical expertise under one roof we offer Lithium ion battery packs which are produced under stringent quality controls and thereafter go through our standards of quality checks before reaching our customersWe provide charge/discharge QC checksOther tests such as vibrational, thermal, penetration & abuse tests etcmay be provided as required by the application of the battery pack

With a current initial capacity of 50 Megawatt Hour per year expandable upto 200MWh/ year, we are consistently and continuously growing in our technical expertise, commitment, providing on-time and satisfactory customer service

With a team of experienced as well as young dynamic enterprising people driving India’s future, we are an amalgamation of experienced as well as zealous, energetic and ambitious team on board who are committed to take up challenges and work relentlessly to provide customer friendly solutions

this slowpoke moves

With each solution customised to the application’s and customer’s requirements we take an extra mile to satisfy each customer’s requirement

We consistently bring on board partnership and collaborations from different fields like technical, strategic, product development, academic, research and development, industry experts, corporate social responsibility, developing customer centric product which enables us to keep up with the upcoming fast paced business growth as well as give back to the society to do our bit in the growth of India’s vision towards a smart, safe, green and sustainable future