GKDC’19 Winners Team Phoenix Rising Powered by SCION Energy Storage

Scion Energy Storage congratulates the triumphant champion winners Team Phoenix Racing from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat of 6th Go-Kart Design Challenge (GKDC 2019); under EV category, held at the prestigious Buddha International Circuit in Greater Noida on 22nd-27th February, 2019

Scion also, congratulates the 6th All India Rankers of the EcoKar t-Series 2019, team Pro-Karters from MITWPU College, Pune held in Delhi held from 4th to 9th April 2019They also won the award for Best Marketing Scope

Scion Energy Storage is also proud to announce its association with the Phoenix Racing Team from SVNIT, Surat & Team Pro-KartersThe racing go Karts were powered by Scion Energy Storage’s 48V 80Ah lithium-ion battery and 48V 40Ah Lithium-ion battery for both teams respectively

Scion has consecutively powered the winning teams of go-kart challenges through Lithium-ion batteries

Manufacturing the battery pack as per GKDC’s design and functional constraints was a challenge that the team at Scion Energy Storage took up; given the 45kW motor and peak motor current of 300AThe battery pack was rigorously tested not only for capacity but full functional tests were carried out for the rated current at Scion energy Storage’s in house facility in Pune

Scion Energy Storage is the leading provider of energy storage solutionsin IndiaWith expertise in manufacturing of all types of Lithium ion batteries and chargersDealing in chemistries like LiFePO4, LCO, NMC; with latest testing facility and collaborations with reputed technological institutions like BEL, CMET etc

Team at SVNIT, Surat built a truly stunning electric go-kart that went on to win 7 out of 9 awards throughout the competitionThey won the Overall Champion Trophy 2019And so did Team at MITWPU Pune